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How to Set Database Password in Microsoft Access 2007

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This article shows you how to set database password in Microsoft Access 2007 whether its format is *.mdb or *.accdb.
  1. Open existing database or create new database (.mdb or .accdb)
  2. Click on Database Tools tab
  3. Click on Set Database Password

    If you have problem here, please follow instructions below:
    1. Click on Microsoft Office Button
    2. Click on Close Database
    3. Click on Microsoft Office Button again
    4. Click Open Under the Office Button (Open Dialog Windows is Appeared)
    5. Choose database file (eg. ...\bin\debug\data.mdb)
    6. Click the Drop-down of Open Button
    7. Choose Open Exclusive
  4. Click on Database Tools -> Set Database Password
  5. One Dialog appears for you to set password (Enter your password)
  6. Done