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How to get computer name using Visual Basic 6.0 or VBA?

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The below code use for Visual Basic for Application or Visual Basic 6.0. The function uses to get Computer Name of where this code is running.

Public Function getMachineName() As String
    Dim reVal As String
    reVal = Environ$("computername")
    getMachineName = reVal
End Function

How to create scrolling text using HTML & JavaScript?

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The below code is an HTML & JavaScript code uses to create webpage with the scrolling text (running text) in TextBox.

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How to Show Timer in HTML by JavaScript?

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This article shows you how to write HTML and JavaScript showing the real time on web page.

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Create Table in Microsoft Access From Visual Basic 6.0

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This article shows how to create Table in Microsoft Access from Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. If you still use Visual Basic Programming Language for small project connecting with Database in Microsoft Access then you might need the below code to proceed the creation of Table in Microsoft Access from your own software per se by do not need to open Microsoft Access application as usual.

  1. Assume that we have one MS Access file (a.mdb) in drive C:\ with no Table
  2. Create Visual Basic 6.0 project and connect to the above MS Access file using DAO
  3. (In this example we create one Table named tblTest with four columns)
* Note: Using DAO by set Visual Basic reference (Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library)
Dim db as DAO.Database
Dim tbd As DAO.TableDef
set db=OpenDatabase("C:\a.mdb")
Set tbd = db.CreateTableDef("tblTest")
With tbd
  .Fields.Append .CreateField("ID", dbText)
  .Fields.Append .CreateField("Name", dbText)
  .Fields.Append .CreateField("Sex", dbText)
  .Fields.Append .CreateField("DOB", dbDate)
End With
db.TableDefs.Append tbd

Structure of the Rectangular Strategy Phase II for CAMBODIA

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The Rectangular Strategy-Phase II maintains the earlier structure and find-tunes and sharpens the prioritized policies in responding to the current condition as highlighting earlier (Description of the structure of the Rectangular Strategy is illustrated in the box below and its diagram is attached).

The Rectangular Strategy has been formulated as an integrated structure of interlocking rectangles. In brief, the components of the Rectangular Strategy are as follows:

First, the core of the Rectangular Strategy is Good Governance, focused at four reform areas:

  1. Fighting corruption
  2. Legal and judicial reform
  3. Public administration reform including decentralization and deconcentration
  4. Reform of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

Second, the environment for the implementation of the Rectangular Strategy consists of four elements:

  1. Peace, political stability, security and social order
  2. Cambodian’s integration into the region and the world
  3. Partnership in development with all stakeholders, including the private sector, donor community and civil society
  4. Favorable macro-economic and financial environment.

Third, the four strategic "growth rectangles" are:

  1. Enhancement of the agricultural sector
  2. Further rehabilitation construction of the physical infrastructure
  3. Private sector development and employment
  4. Capacity building and human resource development.

Fourth, each strategic "growth rectangle" has four sides:
  • Rectangle 1: Enhancement of the Agricultural Sector covers:
    • Improving agricultural and diversification
    • Land reform and clearing of mines
    • Fisheries reform
    • Forestry reform.
  • Rectangle 2: Further Rehabilitation and Construction of the Physical Infrastructure includes:
    • Further restoration and construction transport infrastructure (inland, marine and air transport)
    • Water resources and irrigation system management
    • Development of the energy sector
    • Development of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Rectangle 3: Private Sector Development and Employment cover:
    • Strengthening private sector and attracting investment
    • Creation of jobs and ensuring improved working condition
    • Promotion of SMEs
    • Creation of social safety nets for civil servants, employees and workers.
  • Rectangle 4: capacity Building and Human Resource Development consists of:
    • Strengthening the quality of education
    • Enhancing health services
    • Implementation of gender policy
    • Implementation of population polity.


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